List of Unenforced Rules

1.     Occupying physical space (100 groups of 100 Size Colossal dragons fit in a convenient 5’x5’ space)

2.     Encumbrance (sure you can carry that dragon’s hoard of treasure with you)

3.     Having to eat, drink, urinate, defecate. (All usually done in reset time anyway)

4.     Rogue Adjustment Penalties (Moving Silently and Hiding in Shadows in full plate armor, etc.)

5.     Class Armor and Weapon Restrictions (Wizards wearing full plate armor and wielding a two-handed sword, etc.)

6.     Being hostile to another PC/NPC (This prevents interparty conflict while enabling abuse of “friendly fire”)


List of Enforced Rules

1.     You can only affect up to 4 groupings of monsters (this could be groups, legions, etc.)

2.     When material componenting a spell that affects one of the following, it is not doubled: ability scores, action types, multiplier, level, CL, ML, factors (PF, MF, etc.).

3.     Multiply your to hit modifier, melee and/or ranged damage, AC, Saves, and hp by your true classed Multiplier.