At first glance it appears a vast, hexagonal scaled, grey serpent stretches before you. With six translucent wings made of light that seem to pass through each other and a pulsating spiral maw. However, as seconds tick over it seems to expand to encompass the periphery of your vision, as if growing geometrically with each passing moment. But the more you gaze at the creature the less defined its appearance becomes, until the image in front of you cracks like a broken mirror in one sanity shattering moment and you realize that the incomprehensible vision before you was never meant to be seen by eyes such as yours.



The PC’s enter the campaign world to the dragon already encompassing their entire plane. They are fighting from within it (but don’t tell them that!). The landscape is barren. The plantlife withered. There are a lot of open fields as far as the eye can see. Sparse ruined kingdoms. Oceans dried up. Everything appears blocky and mosaic close up. The air has constant white noise and a smell of melted plastic. They are led to believe that the dragon is out there somewhere and they have to find it. Everyone in the universe is permanently insane. Unelementals, Amilictli and Atata balors roam the landscape. A solitary Grigori named Uatu has been driven insane and has knowledge about how this reality came to be plagued by the dragon and if healed of the insanity (and protected from further doses of it!) will be a guide to the PC’s. He has knowledge of some items of power.



“Nexus dragons exist between space and entropy, a surreal duality of life and unlife. They are inter-dimensional monstrosities who prey on the laws of physics. Most of the time they prowl the unreality that exists between dimensions, but occasionally events of cataclysmic proportions can weaken the fabric of the universe enough to grant them access (the event in question if asked was the current pantheon of gods tearing themselves apart in a godswar). Nexus dragons occasionally find themselves at odds with time lords, but usually steer clear of such beings. Nexus dragons attack foes with simultaneous magical and physical assaults, following up with their eradicating breath.”



There exists a set of rags that were pieces of a legendary artifact called the robes of the almighty that have been shredded. Each PC that puts on a piece of the rags (cloak slot) gains the moral bonus to all rolls from the robes but no other bonuses. Furthermore, there is also a shattered triple crown of divine intervention that acts as three separate crowns of divine intervention (helmet slot). Also there is a broken double rod of divine intervention that acts as two separate ones (weapon slot).



1.)    Huge Unelementals/Atata Balors, find Grigori. (x2XP)

2.)    Amilictli/Force Leviathan, learn the dragon has consumed the whole reality. (x2XP)

3.)    Dragon itself. (x2XP) (Spells: any epic spells plus spells unique to collective.)