Spring 2018 Collective game



Fury monk of the filled fists



Skill rogue3

Tiny Leader of the coast

Weapon-like specialist mage3.5

Cleric of mr rogers


Brain in a shot glass

Society mind


Accessible classes:

Acolyte of chuck norris

Conspiracy theorist


Organ reaper

ProjectE Alchemist


Collective 8.0 rules

Npc: rotating npc slot.


1/26/18-0kxp, sn=1,cf=2,gf=2,

Storyline: following the events of the jan state college game, the funny farm is abuzz with activity

with several npcs being deemed sane and pending release after being sullened and then it being


0. Generic DL I dungeon.


    A formorean giant is missing his signature club. 150gp/character to recover it for him. Poster:

Fred the Formorean Giant from down the block.

    A regionally famous bard is coming into town on tour requesting protection. 250gp/character to

protect him during his concert. Poster: fast eddie

    ***A jilted lover from a town over is putting a hit out on her ex. 350gp/character to waste his

ass! Poster: Kathy Clinghard

    4. ?(greyed out).


2/2/18-2kxp, sn=2, cf=2,gf=2,

Storyline: pcs visited insane asylum, saw many messed up individuals. Marv became their npc. Did job


0. Generic DL I dungeon.


    A formorean giant is ransacking the merchants ward mumbling something about a missing club. 300gp

to stop him. Poster: merchants guild.

    **A hack musician was attempting to pass off himself as a celebrity. After a horrendous cover of

the city’s anthem, a group of pcs are asked to escort him out of the city for 400gp/char. Poster:

local musicians union.

    ***A new school dedicated to chuck norris popped up recently when an npc group attempted to rob it

during daylight hours. 500gp/char to find out why the npc party was never heard from again. Poster:

family of one of the npc party members.

    Slightly less Greyed out?



2/9/18-10kxp, sn=3, cf=2,gf=2,

Storyline: mister pickles as npc chose job 3. And job 2. Unlocked acolyte of chuck norris.

0. Generic DL II dungeon.


    An artilliaryeer requests pcs to get him a rare part for a superweapon he is building. 500gp/pc.

Poster: general pumhart von steyr.

    A string theorist is seeking pcs to explore the hidden demiplane of anguim synod. Ancient

knowledge /pc. Poster: mr. bryanton

    **A conspiracy theorist has suspicions of occult involvement with the ritual killings of many

animals south of the city. 1000gp/character to confirm his suspicions.

    This Sucks.



2/16/18-15kxp, sn=4, cf=2,gf=3,

Storyline: pcs took job 3. grusilda was rescued from the party. Eric nolan joined group.

0. Generic DL II dungeon.


    **There have been sightings of animals from the local druids circle that according to them, aren’t

natural. 500 gp per pc for their capture. Poster: druids circle

    *An artilleryeer is alleged to have discharged a clearly illegal weapon near greyhawk city and

broken local sound, pollution, and structural laws. 1250gp per pc to bring him in. Poster: city

chancellor for environmental protection and safety.

    A new group of religious priests has moved into the city promising celestial enlightenment through

thetan realization. 2750gp per pc to confirm the religions authenticity.

    *This Sucks!



2/23/18-45kxp, sn=5, cf=2,gf=3, w 2 class slots

Storyline: pcs took job 2. Bronson was the npc. Eric nolan comboed with ted skin n backstab.

0. Generic DL III dungeon


    The church of Scientology is offering free admission into their sea-org. Mystic

knowledge/character to infiltrate their ranks and reveal their motives. Poster: conspiracy theorist

    ***A kobold wizard is attempting to ascend to godhood by sharing spells and abilities with his

familiar. 1500gp/pc to stifle his efforts. Poster: the infinite omnificer.

    *The Land of make believe is under seige! Gratefulness of the church of mr rogers/pc to defend it.

Poster: Avatar of mister rogers.

    This Sucks!!

    Greyed out.



3/3/18-110kxp, sn=6, cf=2,gf=3, w 2 class slots

Storyline: pcs chose job 2. Ted polymorphs to hydra. Mike rolled 7dhandfuls. Cleric pouted.Dr julius

jumblemorph was the npc.

0. Generic DL III dungeon.


    Brock lesnar, john cena, and goldberg arrive in greyhawk city after getting wind that the church

of Scientology moved in. Entry fee of 500gp/pc to join them in laying the smackdown on the church.

Poster: paul heyman

    ***The land of make believe is currently a flaming wasteland after an army of klansman invaded.

2500gp/pc to attempt to drive them off. Poster: church of mr rogers.

    Teletubbys, terrorists, and twilight vampires, oh my!

    This sucks!!!

    Screw this.



3/9/18-235kxp, sn=7, cf=3,gf=3, w 3 class slots

Storyline: pcs chose job 2. Ted dominated and skinned himself. Cleric met mr rogers. billy ungerman

was the npc. Unlocked player picks. Teds: free earl the squirrel familiar (1V: mat comp a

rogue/monster level : ability). Heather: free mister rogers class that doesn’t cost a race slot).

Eric: 600F actions, 1/reset: can spend a research point to learn a mini class of cf 1+cf that costs a

full class slot. rian: you know all archetype classes of current cf or less.

0. Generic DL IV dungeon.


    **Reports of organ reapers infiltrating generic dungeons. 3000gp per pc for information on how to

combat these creatures. Job poster: city morgue

    PCs are asked to investigate the disappearance of three prominent professional wrestlers who

infiltrated the church of Scientology. Possibility that they may have been converted. 5000 gold per

PC. Poster: Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    -*An artilleryeer on the lamb requests aid in finding a piece for his latest crime fighting weapon

he affectionately calls Heavy Barrel. 1 superweapon per pc for help. Poster: former general pumhart

von steyr.

    *This sucks!!!!!

    Screw This!



3/16/18-350kxp, sn=8, cf=3,gf=3, w 4 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 1. Alex oestal joined game as ogre highlander Who got his organs and soul

reaped. Stephan hawking was npc. Eric was cleaving with assassination. Teddy was skinning groups.

Heather fixed alex tomorrow tomorrow. Organ reaper legal.

0. Generic DL IV dungeon.


    The fighters subguild of combat maneuver specialists is looking for new hires. Entry fee of

5000gp/pc for entry. Poster: bas rüten. (This may be taken in addition to another job).

    An intelligent technological plague of nanites is invading north from the land of black ice.

7600gp/pc to stave off the plague. Poster: mackey mause, preserver.

    The community of society minds seek to increase the range on their world thought network. Entry

fee of 10000gp/pc. Poster: Dan Vincent, collective player.

    This Sucks VI!

    *****Screw This!!



3/23/18-500kxp, sn=9, cf=3,gf=3, w 4 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose screw this. Ended up in forgotten realms fighting epic creatures. Hunter s

thompson was the npc. Ted skinned nanites. Dancing potion bottles were buffing everybody. Flying car

and flying trolly. Alex charging everything. Ogre puns abound. Nanobot mage legal.

0. Generic DL V dungeon.


    **Take down the church of scientology. 10,000gp per pc. Poster: pastafarian high command.

    Fred the formorian giant found his club and is now using it to harass a farm of hippologists.

9999gp/pc to shove it up his donkey! poster: robert blueford

    ***Former general pumhart von steyr is aiming a wave motion gun at greyhawk city. 20,000gp / pc

for his capture not necessarily in one piece. Poster: greyhawk city high guard.

    This Sucks 7!

    Screw This(if you consent?)

    Something Wicked This Way Comes (written in caligraphy hidden stats, extra descriptive, blair

witch project mood, i roll skill checks, build tension)



4/6/18-790kxp, sn=10, cf=4,gf=4, w 4 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 3. Rick sanchez was npc. Eric gave the pimps prayer. Eshrektion. General took

reflected wave motion gun blast to the mouth. Nick collected bones.

0. Generic DL V dungeon.


    Now is the time of the gathering. 5,000gp/pc to help thin the herd of highlanders. Poster: a soon

to be headless highlander. (Note: 1000ish highlanders)

    There is rumor of a secret city of the dead filled with the bones of many generations of former

great adventurers. 2000gp/pc to raid its wonders and bring back some shiney prize. Poster:

archeologists society of greyhawk city. (Note: 10,000 bodies)

    **Reports from a kingdom south of the city tell of a leader who forces his subjects to augment his

power. 12,000gp/pc to overthrow this tyrant. Poster: judas, loyal subject. (Note: sovereign ruler

thrallherd convergent master man-god of ag)

    This sucks 2^2^2!

    Screw this (slowly at first).

    Something wicked this way comes..



4/13/18-1000kxp, sn=11, cf=4,gf=4, w 4 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 3. Max hardcore was the npc. Mangod was complimented, skinned, de-brained

de-heartted and de-souled.

0. Generic DL VI.


    Fred the formorian giant had become a high ranking member of the church of Scientology as well as

trained in the art of professional wrestling. 25,000gp/pc to club some sense into him. Poster:

hippologist abuse counselor.

    Legend tells of a defensive sect of reapers that use body farms to survive. 5000gp/pc to learn

more about this mysterious phenomenon. Poster: H.P.L.

    ***Svogthos, the restless tomb has risen from his slumber in the city of the dead. 56,980gp/pc for

the defeat of this undead horror. poster: guild of the coast

    This sucks (donkey balls)

    Screw this(to the compound)

    Something Wicked this way comes...



4/20/18-1500kxp, sn=12, cf=4,gf=4, w 5 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 3. Yed3 was the npc.

City of the dead raided and defeated. Nick loaded up on bones.

0. Generic DL VI.


    **An author requires safe passage to r’lyeh.

    A living dungeon promises riches to those who investigate its rooms.


    This sucks

    Screw this(compound)

    Something Wicked this way comes



5/4/18-1750kxp, sn=13, cf=4,gf=4, w 5 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 1. H.P. Lovecraft was the npc. Made it to r’lyeh. Nick threw the trolly. Eric

almost slapped the king in yellow.

0. Generic DL VII.



    Mary had a little L.A.M.B.

    The diamond golem brothel factory is in need of some bitch dependency counseling.

    This Sucks (like ur mutha trebek)

    Screw this (sublevel 7)

    ***Something wicked this way comes. (Generic DL111 TPK Arena Boss Dungeon 1Billion Gp/character.)



5/18/18-2000kxp, sn=14, cf=4,gf=4, w 5 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 6. Roy Orbison was the npc. Killed 11DLXV’s and with the help of a high level

pc party defeated the living dungeon, FINALLY! 7 fucking years.

0. Generic DL VII.


    A group of sly manipulative creeps invade the church of mr rogers and try to discredit it from the

inside out. 1 hug/pc to save the church, poster: mother theresa

    *A run away randomly changing 1/half s DLXV boss from the living dungeon is leaving a wake of

destruction. 12,456gp/pc. Poster: the man


    This sucks

    **Screw this(sub level 6 the cafeteria for a compound food fight)



5/25/18-3000kxp, sn=15, cf=4,gf=5, w 5 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 5. Jodah was the npc. Killed a DLXV The salt bobcat. Nick made a horrible

mistake involving lawn gnomes. Talked to lego pele. Became lego milkshake.

0. Generic DL VIII.



    A colony of holocaust survivors seeks safe passage to relocate to the elemental plane of fire to

start a new life. 10gp worth of gold fillings per pc. Poster: an animated schindlers list (remember

sometimes you can take the opposite of a job)

    **Former student of the tolarian academy is seeking likeminded individuals seeking vengeance

against the school for bullying. One explosive device per pc. poster: dimitrios dylan

    This sucks (dont run or you will just die tired)

    Screw this (skin walker strip club)



6/1/18-4000kxp, sn=16, cf=5,gf=5, w 6 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 3. Terry schiavo was the npc. The dl15 educational parallelogram passed. Nick

created the academy ruins. Gets access to artillaryeer weapon list for emc. Nick ponders the emc of a

planet gem.

0. Generic DL VIII.


    A gunslinger seeks pcs to aid in following a man in black across a desert. Poster: roland deshain

of gilead

    Superheros and villains from the megaverse project are being murdered by a mysterious force.

Poster: tony stark

    **Beings from the far realm are interfering in astral trade routes. Poster: lord geth.

    This sucks (bob up n down)

    Screw this (city of doors)



6/15/18-5000kxp, sn=17, cf=5,gf=5, w 6 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 3. Riku was the npc. Gave the king in yellow back his brain in exchange for a

favor. Put hp Lovecraft down a hole with his mind in a typewriter to write his own stories. The dl15

primary vacation was lost in battle. Ted got the last building skin.

0. Generic DL IX.



    The universe needs to be balanced, as all things should be. Poster: thanos

    The forgotten realms planet abeir toril is under seige by a draeden. Favors from elminster/pc.

Poster: mystras avatar.

    **This sucks (like a hydra wearing lipstick)

    Screw this (play monopoly with paul gallo)



6/22/18-6000kxp, sn=18, cf=5,gf=5, w 6 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 4 for the first time ever, those poor bastards. Thanos was the npc. They

faced a draeden in faerun. The brave vase sacrifices itself for teddy.

0. Generic DL IX.



    **Monstrositys from the far realm are feeding on the quantum signatures of several races. 50kgp/pc

to stop them. Poster: guild of 13 letter investigators

    He-who-must-not-be-named is after the stone ring. 125kgp/pc to foil him. Poster: griffendor

    This Sucks(squeal like a pig).

    Screw this(release rian from the funny farm).



6/29/18-7500kxp, sn=19, cf=6,gf=5, w 6 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 2. Popeye was the npc. They faced a lovecraftian monstrosity. Fused with

party and took all of its 19 quantum signatures. Teddy knows the class.

0. Generic DL IX.



    **Transgenderists, sjw, and escaped mental patients, oh my.

    Rian escaped.

    This sucks

    Screw this (reset the campaign)



7/06/18-8000kxp, sn=20, cf=6,gf=5, w 6 class slots.

Storyline: pcs chose job 2. Rian/destruction was the npc. They stopped the sjwhq. Jay D. had summons

that had summons.

0. Generic DL X.


    Fred ain’t too happy with your antics.

    The annual monsters ball is being held in greyhawk citys alleys.

    Somebody’s trying to link the insane asylum to the warehouse outside the simulation.

    This sucks (~~o)

    Screw this (play edh speaking like gentlemen)



    Theres a killer on the loose at camp crystal lake. 150gp/character for his capture. Poster:

crystal lake councilor ‘s council.