2/17/11-0kxp, SN=1

1. Generic CR 2 dungeon

2. Thieves guild - assassinate wealthy noble in daggerdale.


+++3. Elemental cleric who wants the adventuring party to go atop the nearest mountain range and retrieve a sample of this unique chemical element


2/24/11-3.3kxp, SN=2

+++1. Generic CR 2 dungeon

2. Apprentice blacksmith cesis herb mountain laurel extract 200/character

3. group of fey who need loggers cleared out 300/character

3/3/11-5.8kxp, SN=3

1. CR3 dungeon

+++2. elemental cleric 1000gp/character

3. loggers need fey cleared out.

3/24/11-9.3kxp, SN=4

1. Generic CR4 dungeon

2. Loggers union wants path blazed through forest to new logging site location. 750/character

3. Investigate an abandoned observatory with weird lights at night. 250/character

+++4. This Sucks!-all 3 plus dragons(dopplegangers)

3/31/11-19.3kxp, SN=5

1. Generic CR5 dungeon (1301570108)

++2. Find/brew a potion of love and force a wealthy noble's daughter to fall in love with a serf. 500/character

3. Protect a caravan of familys across a famously dangerous prairie. 750/character

4. This Sucks!-all 3 plus dragons.

4/7/11-27.5kxp, SN=6

1. Generic CR6 dungeon with all gp going to charity.

+++2. Rescue a group of miners who are trapped in an adamantium mine. Admiration of community/character.

3. Recover a magic sword owned by a former paladin that was of sentimental value from a trench in a lake. Hardy handshake and a job welldone/character

4. This Sucks!

4/21/11-66.4kxp, CF=2, SN=7

1. Generic DL I dungeon

+++2. Local Orphanage needs supplies that are child specific(medicines and such). They don't believe in magical healing. Adoration of children/character.

3. Braume Doomstare's Castle is being bombarded by Beholders again! 500gp/character for aid.

+4. This Sucks!

4/28/11-100kxp, SN=8

1. Generic DL II dungeon-1303988648

+2. The trainer has been kidnapped. If you want your precious trainer, you will appear at the southern side of the Dragonspire Mountains with 100,000gp in exchange for his life.

3. There is a sunken treasure ship off the coast of the moonsea. It is rumored to have riches of the wildest imagining.

+++4. This Sucks!

5/5/11-150kxp, SN=9

1. Generic DL II dungeon

2. A homeless community of Smurfs seeks new permanant domiciles. Knowledge of Smurfberry spell/character

3. There is a house with corridors leading "elsewhere". A group of adventurers are asked to investigate and find out the extents of the corridors. 15,000gp/character.

+4. This sucks!

++++5*. Try to clear out the rest of the DL II dungeon from last week. *=This week only while supplies last.

5/12/11-175kxp, party has Spelljamming ship(minor helm), SN=10

1. Generic DL III dungeon-1305039576

2. Town junkie/drunk trying to assemble Navidson Report from loose manuscripts. Junkie would be in your debt/character.

3. There is a house with corridors leading "elsewhere" whose owner vanished into. A group of adventurers are asked to find out what happened. 45,000gp/character.

++++++4. This sucks!

5/19/11-225kxp,npc, SN=11

1. Escape from Anguinum Synod.(introduce ?-marking)

+4.This Sucks!

5/26/11-300kxp, SN=12

1. Generic DL III dungeon

2. Group of adventurers needed to finance a company startup in waterdeep. Stock of company/character (snake oil salesman)

3. Somebody is trying to kill Yed Prior. 100,000gp bounty.

++++4. This Sucks!

6/9/11-400kxp, snake-oil salesman ally, SN=13

1. Generic DL IV dungeon

2. Adventurer's needed to haul a treasure hoard from a recently defeated dungeon to NPCs' home. One item/character payment.

3. An artist is looking for Nolzur's Marvellous Pigments for a portrait he was commisioned to make.

+4. This sucks!

6/12/11-575kxp, CF=3, SN=14

1. Generic DL IV arena dungeon!

6/16/11-585kxp,CF=3, SN=15

1. Generic DL IV dungeon

2. Deliver the Staff of Osirus to a male Sphinx named Aengrilor to learn the way to the Seventh heaven.

3. The Apparatus of Dreadful Construction is fated to cut a swathe across a prominent town who is seeking your aid. Knowledge of where Aengrilor is/character.

+4. This sucks!

6/23/11-650kxp, yed back, SN=16

1. DL V Boss Dungeon(every room is a boss)

2. Recover the wand of a thousand facets made from the reminants of a defeated ioun golem for a Geosage. 1 Ioun Stone/character.

3. The Snake-Oil Salesman has made a bet with The Most Interesting Man in the World that the PC's can not only take down the House of Salo but do it with style.

+4. This Sucks!

6. (greyed out)

6/30/11-716kxp, SN=17

1. This sucks! 10gp/character (DL V No Gold/No Items Dungeon)

2. This really sucks! 100gp/character (DL V Arena Level Dungeon)

3. This sucks even more! 1000gp/character (DL V Hidden Stats Dungeon)

++++4. This couldn't suck any worse! 10000gp/character (DL V Boss Dungeon)

5. Screw This (greyed out)

6. Generic DL X TPK dungeon! 100000gp/character

7/7/11-750kxp, kenshiro played, SN=18

1. Luther Sloan visits the PC's and informs them that Yed Prior is in Section 31's custody.

2. PC's get information from the most interesting man in the world about luther sloan and section 31.

3. Infiltrate section 31, rescue yed(again), and try to expose the organization leading to its disbanding

+++++4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

6. Generic DL X TPK dungeon! 1,000,000gp/character.

7/14/11-800kxp, yed back, updated spelljammer major helm, SN=19

1. A Generic DL III dungeon.

2. Prevent the Butcher of Khador from awakening. Use Weed of the Witch to seal his tomb. Tribes of the outlands gratitude/character

3. Investigate a mysterious floating mountain that appears over Thay at night. 100gp/character

++++4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!-Do Nexus Dragon

6. Generic DL X TPK dungeon! 10,000,000gp/character.

7/21/11-900kxp, khador awakened, SN=20

1. A town of recently relocated smurfs has gone missing. A group of PC's are asked to investigate.

2. A mysterious man has moved into Waterdeep selling soup with healing powers cutting into the Snake Oil Salesman's Profits. A group of PC's are asked to run his business afoul. (Gargamel ground up the smurfs to power his limited access to the Fist of Suns Wizard class).

3. A girl from the new floating enclave has lost her teddybear. A group of fearless PC's are asked to recover it for her.

+++4. This Sucks!

+5. Screw This!-Do Nexus Dragon

6. Generic DL X TPK Arena dungeon! 100,000,000gp/character.

8/4/11 - 950kxp, CF=4, SN=21

5. Screw This!-Do Nexus Dragon

8/11/11 - 950kxp, CF=4, SN=22

5. Screw This!-Do Nexus Dragon

8/18/11 - 1200kxp, CF=4, SN=23

5. Screw This!-Go Home

NPC party

Beast Arch-Fighter 20/Warrior Picks 20

Beast Arch-Mage 20/Wizard Picks 20

Beast Arch-Priest 20/Priest Picks 20

Infinite Rogue 20/Rogue Abilities 20

Beast Psionicist 20/Psionics Picks 20

Benefactor0 20/Capital Immuner 20

Concordant Sampler 20/Ignore BlahR 20

Scripter 20/Monster Picks 20

8/25/11 - 1350kxp,CF=5, SN=24

1. Generic DL VI dungeon

2. A dungeon of recently awakened living walls is swallowing adventurers. 100gp/character to the party that saves the trapped adventurers.

3. The Wizard Morcar is having a magic item charity drive for underprivledged adventurers and is requesting donation of all the magic items from a PC party.

+4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

++6. Generic DL IX TPK Arena dungeon! 100,000gp/character.

9/01/11 - 1500kxp, CF=5, SN=25

1. A visiter from another planet is looking for his brother. Claims his name is Radditz. Willing to stop terrorizing the local townsfolk in exchange for his brother.(energy gatherer level 20/Villian 5)

2. The snake oil sales-man has been arrested for fraud. A group of adventurer's is needed to either prove his innocence or just to break him out of jail. (jelly framed him out of spite)

3. Certain individuals are being kidnapped and brought back without remembering what happened while kidnapped. A group of PC's is asked to investigate.(Zeta Reticulan 20/quantum visitor Level 5)

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

6. Generic DL X TPK Hidden Stats dungeon! 200,000gp/character.

7. This really sucks!!

9/8/11 - 1650kxp, CF=5, SN=26

1. Ultrablack invasion of Rokugon

2. Generic CR1 Dungeon

3. Prove the Snake Oil Salesman is innocent

+4. This sucks!

5. Screw This!

++6. Generic DL111 TPK Arena Boss Dungeon 1Billion Gp/character.

+7. This really Sucks!

9/15/11 - 1700kxp, CF=5, SN=26

1. Generic CR100 dungeon.

+++2. The PC's find their rooms trapped. They must rid themselves of a dungeon that is following them.

3. The MIMW has made a deal with the Quantum Visitor to let him experiment on the PC's. Each PC has access to and must take a random race.

+4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

6. Generic DL111 TPK Arena Boss Dungeon 1Billion Gp/character.

7. This Really Sucks!

9/22/11 - 2000kxp, CF=5, SN=27

REBOOT to Freeport

9/22/11 - 0kxp, CF=2, SN=1

Char gen, ship battle, arrive freeport

9/28/11 - 0.5kxp, CF=2, SN=2

Corey's character introduction.

10/6/11 - 1kxp, CF=2, SN=3

Death in Freeport, Petche's character intro

10/20/11 - 6kxp, CF=2, SN=4

Terror in Freeport

10/27/11 - 16kxp, CF=2, SN=5

Madness in Freeport, marv cameo

11/10/11 - 30kxp, CF=2, SN=6

Vengence in Freeport,access to society mind

11/17/11 - 55kxp, cf=2, sn=7

Gangs of Freeport, Corey drops

12/1/11 - 115kxp, cf=2, sn=8

Crisis in freeport,

12/8/11 - 155kxp, cf=2, sn=9

finish crisis

12/15/11 - 200kxp, cf=2, sn=10

Start hell in freeport, marv shows up

12/21/11 - 240kxp, cf=2, sn=11

continueing hell in freeport at temple doors

12/29/11 - 270kxp, cf=2, sn=12

continueing hell in freeport in tyre in shack A

1/5/12 - 360kxp, cf=2, sn=13

finished hell in freeport, planeshifted to zendikar

1/19/12 - 500kxp, cf=2, sn=14.

1. Mystic Relics

2. Three Masks

3. Crypt of Agadeem

4. This Sucks

5. Screw This

1/26/12 - 605kxp, cf=2, sn=15

in zendikar at crypt of agadeem

2/2/12 - 660kxp, cf=2, sn=16

defeated omnath

2/9/12 - 1000kxp, cf=3, sn=17

rise of the eldrazi, greyhawk city, yed centerior(mage)

2/23/12 - 500kxp, cf=3, sn=18

Did a DLIII dungeon

3/1/12 - 575kxp, cf=3, sn=19

Defeated billy ungerman...

3/8/12 - 650kxp, cf=3, sn=20

mini classes

3/15/12 - 671kxp, cf=3, sn=21

judge killing

3/22/12 - 750kxp, cf=3, sn=22

elimination chamber

3/29/12 - 1150kxp, cf=3, sn=23

minecraft buildcraft kill

4/05/2012 - 1553kxp, cf=4, sn=24, c+m+r=4

defeated 4 headed dragon

4/19/2012 - 2139kxp, cf=4, sn=25, c+m+r=5

buildcraft, equivalent exchange

4/26/2012 - 2500kxp, cf=5, sn=26, c+m+r=6

dwarves vs zombies

6/14/2012 - 3000kxp, cf=5, sn=27, c+m+r=6

DL VIII-1room done