5/15/14-0kxp, SN=1, CF=4

0. Generic DL I dungeon

1. A town elder needs a package recieved from the next town over.

125gp/character for successful retrival of said package.

2. A local housewife has been murdered and it is suspected that her infant son is a prime suspect.

250gp/character for concrete proof of the infants involvement.

+++3. A farmer's brother has gone missing and there is no traces of him.

500gp/character for information on his whereabouts.

4.? (greyed out)



+-1. A renouned occult theorist named Glen Limbaugh the 2nd has some theories about life on other planets.

125gp/character for sitting with this man and hearing his theories.

0. Generic DL II dungeon

+1. A semi-infamous conspiracy nut named Glen Limbaugh is going off the handle about extra-terrestial life and is causing a noise disturbance.

250gp/character for successful "quieting" of this loon.

+2. Someone from the Judge's Guild wishs to have a party of adventurer's conduct an investigation into illegal performance enhancing magic in his training facility.

500gp/character if abuse is found for performance gains plus the party will get "trained".

++3. Bryanton Kaku, a scientist, needs a party of adventurers to procure a rare ingredient for a spell he is creating in his extensive mountainside lab.

1000gp/character for the ingredient plus a  one time spell scroll of his new spell.

4.?(little less greyed out)



1. A brute clearing his name for a murder he didn't commit. Marv, from Sin City

2. A tomb of a long dead hero and his buried army. Billy Ungerman

3. A mentor to the eye of the tiger. Mic, the Last Trainer1JG

4. This Sucks!

5. A grand ball held for someone who never visited the city before. The MIMW

6. A ranger whose tears remedy uncurable diseases. Chuck Norris

7. A nomad skilled in the ways of martial arts. Kenshiro(F. of the N.S.)

8. A humble troubled born again bard. Johnny Cash

Ok so the beginning of the adventure is set at the grand ball for the MIMW where Marv, Chuck, and Kenshiro discuss raiding the tomb of billy. Johnny Cash is the band.


6/5/14-20kxp, sn=4,cf=4

Storyline: Yed's steaming corpse is dropped off at the adventurer's guild with the following status effects on him: Teabagged, ShangriLa Tenticle Raped(x10), golden showered, Shangri Impregnated(x6), cleveland steamered, ballgagged, Prolapsed, Deeply psychologically disturbed, stillborn, dutch ovened, and head blown off. Hp= -1500 vile boxes and his stats are each at -50 vile stat. A 18th level Johnny Cash/3rd level Legend(+21 or better, 642hp,) will fill in.

0. Generic DL IV dungeon.

1. An NPC party decides to open an exclusive Guild for Men for their own improvement. Other guilds are suspicious. (Set, True, Improved, & Common)

Job Poster: Guilds

1000gp/character for successful infiltration of their club to learn about what they mean by improvement.

++2. To the north near the land of black ice, an Anthropomorphic Purple Dinosaur is recruiting an army of children to brainwash and form a cult.

Job Poster: Brass Gnat

2000gp/character for sucessfully returning the skull of this dangerous animal as a trophy.

+3. Yed Centerior, 1X Thief. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Yed Centerior will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Job Poster: Yed Inferior

3000gp/character for successfully entering Agnium Synod and returning with the ways and means of fixing Yed.

4. This Sucks! (All jobs plus sprinkling of dragons).

5.?(greyed out).


6/12/14-50kxp, sn=5, cf=4

Storyline: Miniclasses are unlocked CF 3 or less, Yed class is unlocked, Hitman5 unlocked and Serra Angel5 unlocked.

Johnny Cash heals the box and stat dmg. Yed gets back up, Johnny Cash departs. Yed reveals he was able to stash some goodies in an extradimensional space before Billy got to him but lost the bag.

0. Generic DL IV dungeon.

(PC's are being setup by the Mens Guild)

1A. A bag of goodies is lost in the Astral plane.

0gp/character for successful retrieval of the bag. Job Poster: Yed Centerior

1B. There is a man going around town claiming to be mike tames and spreading out generous wealth and good cheer.

0gp/character for exposing this man as a fraud. Job Poster: Mike Tames

1C. Lab equipment has gone missing from Boatman's lab for the last 2 weeks while he has been away across seas.

0gp/character for successfully retrieving said equipment. Job Poster: Boatman Choosey

1D. A woman is claiming to have been "graped" and The Grapist is a prime suspect.

0gp/character for clearing his name. Job Poster: The Grapist

1E. A galleon of pirates claims that Max was a long lost member of their crew and demands he surrender his rights and come back onto the ship.

0gp/character for "changing their minds". Job Poster: Max

2. The Mens Guild is holding an open house for a set of common people seeking true improvement.

0gp/character attending the opening house. Job Posters: The Mens Guild

3. The conspiracy theorist Glen Limbaugh has gone missing.

0gp/character because nobody mourns the loss of this right wing nutjob. Job Poster: uncredited.

++++4. This Sucks!

5.?(Little less Grayed out)


6/19/14-75kxp, sn=6,cf=4

storyline: S.T.I.C company learned about. Thomas had a terrible accident in a lab explosion/retributive strike and was reborn as a dancing potion bottle. Yed finds the bag himself after snooping around the astral plane. The bag is empty.

0. Generic DL V dungeon.

1. An anakim is strangled by its own weapon which seems possessed of a malign intelligence.

2. A pair of Akishra have been depositing swallowed prey on an unnamed world from which no one can escape (magical travel does not seem to function there). New inmates must deal with the warden (pseudonatural great wyrm green dragon) and guards (pseudonatural trolls) and find out the secret of this prison planet before they can escape.

3. The great stained glass window of the city cathedral comes alive and starts to attack the worshippers. Is this divine punishment or is there some outside force responsible?

4. This Sucks!

++++5. Screw This! (The Amidah)


6/26/14-150kxp, sn=7, cf=4

Storyline: Party returns from amidah after collapsing the plane, Bryanton Kaku has fallen ill and allows Tom to use his lab sparingly while he heals up. A 1st level Pathfinder Druid Yed Prior visits to see how his brother is doing.

0. A generic DL V dungeon from last week.

1. A council of Wizards of the Coast are conveniening for a summit to discuss the future of the Banned List of spells forbidden to be cast.

-150gp/character attending.

+++2. Bryanton Kaku's most recent experiment before he fell ill was tinkering with genetic race splicing and he was accepting willing adventurers to take part in an experiment.(random races) 5000gp/character

3. An NPC party of Angband Adventurers invite the Party to go on a dungeon crawl with them. 0gp/character.

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This! (greyed out for repop)


7/3/14-300kxp, sn=8, cf=4

Storyline: Mike Tames is 5th Dimensionally Displaced(+10AC & Time/Reality Stable). Max had a family function to go to. Tom is Bryanton Kaku's apprentice.

+0: A generic DL VI dungeon run by Giantbiter the Indescribable.

+++1. Generic DL VI Arena Dungeon(all one room). 15000gp/character. Job Poster: Men's Guild

2. A famous chef from across seas has come to critic the kings royal kitchen. 10,000gp/character to help clean out the kitchen. Poster: The king of town

3. Glen Limbaugh the 3rd has returned to town denouncing the existance of extraterrestials. He is acting "funny". 5k/character to investigate. Job Poster: His former audience.

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This! (greyed out/Petche Epic)


7/10/14-600kxp,SN=9, cf=4

Storyline: access to brain in a Beaker/Coherent, bruiser, heroic Pathfinder3.75, minicompounder. Yed meets Max.

0. A generic DL VII dungeon.

1. A man found a way to link the Plane of the Ultrablack to the Ultrawhite and wants to find out what happens. 15k/character to smoke his ass. Poster: Bryanton Kaku

2. Glen Limbaugh the nth is abducting people from his former audience for twisted alien experiments. 15k/character to smoke his ass. Poster: Victim's familys

3. A group called the "campaign smashers"(pun-pun, hulking hurler, nanobot mage, omniscificer, nasty gentleman) has gotten together to try and cascade (mtg infinite). 15k/character to smoke their asses. Poster: Men's Guild

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

++++6. Kill All!


7/17/14-1200kxp,SN=10, Cf=4

Storyline: Everybody wrote wills. killed campaign smashers, max buggered off.

0.Generic DL VII dungeon.

1. A Generic DL VII dungeon has been overrun by Hordes of Grapists. 20k/character to clean it out. Poster: Dungeon's [B]oss Edus the satanic

2. Bryanton Kaku decides to retire and wants one last adventure. 20k/character to adventure with him. Poster: Bryanton Kaku

3. Mike Tames is seeking a Sith Lord as a mentor. 5k/character (other than mike) for location of said lord. Poster: Mike Tames

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

++++6. Kill All!


7/24/14-2400kxp, SN=11, CF=4+1?

Storyline: Bryanton retires, tom can be string theorist, mike can be sith lord/lich,all epic3 classes, killed all grapists, Yed switches for Rian if kill all is selected.

Note: by this point the stik members are 36th level/Living Planet (S=2,T=3,I=6,C=1)

0. Generic DL VIII

1. Sagas is trying to vie for leadership of the Mens Guild. 100k/character from my offshore account to smoke his ashes. Poster: Talas

2. Talas is trying to vie for leadership of the Mens Guild. 100k/character from my offshore account to smoke his ashes. Poster: Ionas

3. Ionas is trying to vie for leadership of the Mens Guild. 100k/character from my offshore account to smoke his ashes. Poster: Conas

4. Conas is trying to vie for leadership of the Mens Guild. 100k/character from my offshore account to smoke his ashes. Poster: Sagas

+5. Screw This!

+++6. Kill All!


7/31/14-3600kxp, SN=12, CF=4+1?

Storyline: Mens guild erased from ever existing, monsters guild pissed off, local orphanages at an all time low for new children. Max erased from ever existing, defeated pethche epic and gained the planet through pickpocketing it.

0. Generic DL IX dungeon.

++1. An ancient library deep in the heart of concordant opposition holds knowledge of the Player Pick "You may material component spells that are not normally materially componentable". 100k/character for recovery of the knowledge. Poster: -C.P.

2. A planet of Grapists living in the demi-plane of the Grapist are waging a holy war against their would be deitys Boatman and Mike. 100K/character (except mike and boatman) to win this war. Poster: High priest of the cult of the Grapist.

+3. Rian had a moment of weakness releasing his inner demons. 200k/character to recage those demons. Poster: Rian (RCP 36/Destruction3 5/Demigod0 1/Lesser God0 1)

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This! (nexus dragon with stunhp, no resistance, ignore iStuff)

6. Kill All! (MIMW 36/alignments 1/Second Tier 67/Demigod0 1)


8/7/14-4500kxp, SN=13, CF=4+1?

Storyline: Dan switched his player pick to "can material component unmaterial componentable spells", war rages on, Destruction nuked old city of greyhawk.

0. Generic DL X dungeon.

1. A bridge needs bearing calc's done for it and requires a civil engineer. 100gp/character for location of a qualified person. Poster: Teamsters Union

2. An anonymous group of vandals have been raiding  guilds and performing protests for the lulz. 200gp/character for apprension of one of these members for interrogation. Poster: Adventurer's Guild.

3. In the rubble of the old city, mutants have risen and started to attack the townsfolk and seem to mutute instead of being destroyed. 100k/character for extermination of these pests. Poster: Townsfolk

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!

+6. Kill All!

+++7. Save All!


8/14/14-6000kxp, SN=14, CF=4+1?

Storyline: Old City cleaned up, petche's Planetgem cracked, bryanton kaku died, cult of the grapist starts the rumor of the grapist virus, most are converted, population=1.25 million.

The Being appears above grewhawk city and at [x22], steps out of stepping out of nuking the city for 156idmg/packet = 156iiidmg to the city in a large area. Greyhawk city is wasted releasing the equivalent of a DLX dungeon on the party in the crater.

7. Save All! A being is appearing above familiar spots of the PC's and destroying everything in it's path. The victims implore the PC's to find and deal with the problem before everywhere the PC's dealt with is left in ashes.


8/21/14-7500kxp, SN=15, CF=4, DF=11(iAC, lines of text, groups of x1)

Storyline: We end the night early to dump the cf=4 thereby causing Destruction to cease existing at this cf. greyhawk city is a crater to dl x, mike is ifolded.

0. Generic DL IX Arena Dungeon at the bottom of the crater.

1. The crater once known as Grewhawk City has a slew of blending of DL's of monsters. 0gp/character to help start to repair the damage done.

2. The surrounding countryside is left in black dust and irradiated. Mutations are happening. 0gp/character to remediate the surrounding area.

3. The planet of grapists is suffering losses due to the planet gem being cracked by being mobbed by the exposed deep DL's. 0gp/character to try to close the hole.

+++4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This (Shangrila)


8/28/14-9001kxp, SN=16, CF=4, DF=12(iAC, Stunhp, lines of text, groups of x1)

Storyline: We filled in DL X and IX, Raziel joined the party, New planet made and moved the 650k population. Surrounding area less irradiated.

0. Generic DL VIII.

+++1. A cult of worshippers of the Being known as Destruction are trying to revive the concept of their dead god.

2. A caravan of high level HOS1J's are claiming that the extents of greyhawk city belong to them through birthright. (HOS1J 36/Birthright2 18) collective 6.9

3. An NPC party of High Frequency Samplers are testing out frequencies in the Far Realm in an attempt to learn forgotten/forbidden knowledge. (HFS 37/Shoggoth 12)

5. Screw This! (We all buy player's handbooks and play 5th edition).


9/4/14-10,000kxp,SN=17, CF=4, DF=13(iiAC, Stunhp, lines of text, groups of x1)

Storyline: Keeping the HFS's in employement, cult killed, Jerry Hos1J's spared and rebuilding crater, Mike desired to be the leader of the thiefs guild.

0. Generic DL VII.

+1. Word gets around that the blast site of greyhawk city is being rebuilt. Scads of squatters start setting up camp in the surrounding woods and robbing materials from the hos1j's claiming the materials were on loan to them and now they want them back.

+2. On DL V, a [SB] accidently opened a portal to the elemental plane of water and can't close it. Water has been forming a small lake in one part of the crater letting in all forms of mutated sea life.

+3. On the new planet in the Plane of the Grapist, there has been rumor that the planet's two creator gods, Micheal Tames and The Grapist, have died and worship is dropping off as well as false idols being created for new hope.

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!( -1 CF)


9/11/14-15,000kxp+13.98Bxp,SN=18, CF=5, DF=14(||iAC||, |Stunp|, lines of text, groups of x1)

Storyline: Yed "trains" the party, DL VII cleared, Hosies took care of squatters,

-1. help out the twin towers.

0. Generic DL VI.

+1. Two awakened dungeon towers of living walls have crawled into the space once occupied by DL VI.

2. One of Nerof Gasgol's (former mayer of greyhawk city) clones finally gets out of the hole and would like to reclaim his city thank you very much.

3. Rian escapes the funny farm and joins back up with the PC's. "Hey guys, where have you been?" note: Rian mentally dominates yed to train him, then he uses the 13.98Bxp to Compound string theorist and max out player picks mini and changes all of them to "+1CF"!

4. This Sucks!

+5. Screw This!(We skip this session and play candyland for 3.5hours)


9/18/14-25,000kxp+13.98Bxp, SN=19, CF=5, DF=15(TH:autohit, no response, specialbranded,linesoftext, stunhp)

Storyline: towers taken down, neraf gasgol reclaims mayorhood of greyhawk city area, hosij's clear DL V., Yed and Rian 'held hands'. Rian has a new summon.

0. Generic DL IV.

1. Yed is picking up as having a status effect on him of "Thralled". You can trace the source back to Rian. When confronted, he says "Oh, my bad." and dispells it.

2. Work has begun on the Assassin's guild as well as the new energy gatherer's guild with Nerof Gasgol's approval and encouragement. "We need more variety in the guilds."

3. You hear tell of sparse monster's on distant worlds resemble the Grapist. If only there was some backstory to this mysterious phenomena.

4. This Sucks!

+++5. Screw This(DL 100 Awakened Arena Hidden Stats Kamikazi Dungeon) Note: Monster's AC is StunAC(ignore iTH, convert normal TH to digits), Hp are Stunhp, Lines of text, No resistance branded, their TH is Stun TH(digits of, ignore all i's) and Stun dmg(digits of, ignore i's), dungeon is no resist branded, all considered [SB]'s).


9/25/14-25,000kxp+13.98Bxp, SN=20, CF=5+?, DF=16(autohit,No response,specialbranded,linesoftext,stunhp, PC's act on bottom of segment)

Storyline: You find out that Rian Thralled Yed in order to find out how you guys got so powerful and had Yed "train" Rian as well.

0. Generic DL III dungeon back in the collective.

1. Destruction overtook Rian's psyche because he let him. He wanted to let the beast out.

2. Using the new found trained xp, Destruction Ejected into the Capital W warehouse in San Francisco in the Startrek Universe.

3. Now being in the Real Universe, Destruction up's his Multiplier to [x42] and starts laying waste to everywhere in San Francisco.

7. SaveAll! Second attempt at killing The Being. Note: Once defeated, Rian reverts to himself prior to the Destruction class being added and at this point in order for him to never have to cease to exist, he up's the CF to 5+792 and that is when the Beetles in white coats from the Funny Farm come and bring Rian back to his cell in the 797nth layer.