9/17/2015-0kxp, Collective 8.0, SN=1, CF=2, gp= Chr*10

Storyline: New PC's show up at Greyhawk City with Yed.

0. Generic DL I dungeon. Poster: Adventurer's Guild

1. Strange undead are appearing out of the Nyr Dyv to the North. A PC party is asked to investigate. 100gp/pc. Poster: Priest's Guild

+2. Bandits have been spotted between three mile mill and fork. PC's asked to dispatch them. 200gp/pc. Poster: Merchant's District Council

++3. Clear out some of the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk. 300gp/pc. Poster: city Hall

4. <greyed out>


9/24/2015-4kxp, SN=2, CF=2

Storyline: Jay and Matt's characters met yed and went into castle greyhawk; returned to town after almost TPK.

0. Generic DL I dungeon (same).

1. Undead who decided to settle at the Nyr Dyv are being harrassed by briggands. A PC party is asked to help defend their new home. 100gp/pc. Poster: Undead Guild

2. A merry band of vigilantes needs assistance redistributing wealth to the poor of the surrounding towns from the corrupt merchants. 200gp/pc. Poster: Adventurer's Guild.

+++3. Its been reported that a band of kobolds have kidnapped a lizardman's newborn and ran off into Castle Greyhawk. 300gp/pc. Poster: Ankha-adohi

4. <slightly less greyed out>


10/1/15-8kxp, SN=3, CF=2

Storyline: Cleared out Greyhawk Castle basement, returned lizard baby.

0. Generic DL II dungeon.

1. A rally has been staged outside of city hall of AntiRangers protesting the unfair treatment of kobolds outside of the city. A PC party is asked to drive them off. 100gp/pc. Poster: City Hall

2. A new gang has sprung up called the Fury Monks. A PC party is asked to infiltrate and break up the gang. 200gp/pc. Poster: Neighborhood Crime Watch

++3. A contingent of heavily armored mercenaries have been patrolling the trade routes between greyhawk city and demanding tithe of anybody passing through. 300gp/pc to eliminate them. Poster: Merchant's Guild.

+4. This Sucks!


10/15/15-16kxp, SN=4, CF=2

Storyline: Discovered Warhammer40kSpaceMarine encampment and shut down the portal.

0. Generic DL II dungeon.

1. A rally of social justice warriors was driven away by a gang of fury monks. A PC party is asked to defend the SJW's from the gang. 100gp/pc. Poster: SJW's Across Oearth.

2. A traveling evangelist by the distinguished name of Sir Micheal Murdock is due to arrive in Greyhawk city this fortnight and humbly requests a PC party to protect him and his entourage. 200gp/pc. Poster: Church of the Sown Seed.

3. Unnatural storms are brewing to the west of greyhawk city and sightings of a strangs figure in the sky are being reported. PC's are asked to investigate. 300gp/pc. Poster: Druids Guild

4. This sucks!