12/31/2015-1000kxp, SN=1, CF=4, GF=4, DF=1+, mp= Chr bonus, Stats= Straight 18's, Races = Any Vanilla version, Racial Adj = Big (+10 to any three stats), no kits, 8.0 feats, Classes=Artilleryeer;Exp. Backstabber0;Exp Barbarian0;Battlemonger;Blightsteel Golem16;Googolologist;Fallen King; Un-Giving Wall;SL's mini;Enough Rogue Points




xx2/xx2 Plate

xx2/xx2 Weapon gemlet

Ring of Third Arm Growth

Beanie of +1 P action

Beanie of +1 M action

Beanie of +1 V action

Sphere/School Robe (-1 on 1 sphere/school SL)

Ioun Stone, Normal, Gain next 4 levels of picks in Rogue class

Scarab of Protection (get a save when no save)

"Size Matters" Clan Patch (+1 to LVL calculation on one ability).


NPC: a generic Googolologist


Player Picks:

Paul L.: Your sources of damage are Knockback branded dmg*10ft.

Rick J.: mouth's P: Song of Silent Arms Race (Breath Weapon of Rock Music dmg=max hp, save for 1/2.)

Brad T.: 1M: Give a group a cup of Coffee (Dispel Exhaustion SL=LVL or counter a cup of tea).

Dan Vincent: 1M, LVL/d: Summon a DL I Eldrazi Sliver with "Sliver's you control have Annhiliator 1 and Sacrifice this summon: +1SL."


Jay: Used Paul L.'s

Stacey: +1 Crit range, +1 crit multiplier

Mike: The Force Awakens: You get Kylo Ren's Light Saber(++LVL/+LVL, 20dmg,18+/x3, 0,1/d: Redirect an attack sequence back.)

Rian: If Single-classed, you may use Exponenter on a class CF 2 or less.


Storyline: Big things are in store for this spring.

0. Generic DL IX dungeon. Poster: Adventurer's Guild

1. Santa and Jesus' roles are reversed. Correct this error in time. 10kgp/PC. Poster: North Pole and Jerusalem.

2. The Grinch is stealing Christmas. Kick his ass. 1Package/PC. Poster: Whoville

3. The Heatmiser and Coldmiser are argueing about which climate people would like this christmas. Sort it out. 1Burgermeister Meisterburger favor/PC. Poster: NWA, the National Weather Association straight outa Calm-tin.

4. This Sucks!

5. Screw This!: A herd of gibborim are migrating across the lower planes; their stampede threatens to destroy the seals placed upon the sarcophagus of a deity best left forgotten unless they can be diverted or defeated.


3^^^^3. Generic DL111 TPK Sentient Arena Boss Dungeon ((2^3-1)+3)^3^2 gp/character. Looks oddly familiar O.o Job info: Pregenerated DL111 10room dungeon. Every cube/square of dungeon is an SL15 Pixilation trap. Monsters are "clever". Every room has [x2] specials in it. All monsters are [B].


Resolution: Party chose Screw This! and defeated 1000 Gibborim through clever use of parting shots. Notable events included people being pulled apart by several gibborim and an almost tpk with 3 pc's down at the time.