9/05/2015-6500kxp, Classes=player class+1, SN=1, CF=4,  Races=2(maldev legal), Mithral= Cha/5, DF=11(Stunhp, lines of text, groups of x1), Stats=20,18,16,14,12,10

1 Mithral:


xx8/xx8 Higg's Boson Plate (resist lines of text)

xx2/xx2 Strange Quark Shield (double resist matter)

xx2/xx2 Charm Quark Helm (double resist energy)

Ioun stone of +5 to a Stat(stackable)

Rod of Existence Rape(1 charge, unrechargable)

Melee Weapon xx5/xx5 Deep Status Effect SEL=10+d10 branded

Ranged Weapon xx3/xx3 Deep Status Effect SEL=9+d10 branded

Ring of +1 Multiplier

Armband +1 Exceptional Stat

Globetrotter's Sash (x10 movement or +9 RV actions)

+1 Level book

Ring of Cosmic Wizardry (x2 to each SL slot in a progression after bonus)

Card, Ace of Spades (Use once: Ban one line of text in the room, x22 Multiplier effect)


Storyline: Dan, Stacey, Matt, Rian, Dan & Mike get bored in the retirement bubble and decide to come out of retirement.

0."The Secret Barrow of Madness" DLX dungeon.

1. Someone turned the demiplane of dread ravenloft inside out and let its contents spill into the Astral. (taken)

2. Research how rejuvenators work by exploring the Plane is Discordant Opposition. (taken)

3. Dispatch a Timetraveling NPC party of Express Exponenter Cascade Levelers who ignore the concept of CF. (taken)

4. This Sucks! (taken)

5. Screw This! Party goes to Neutronium Golem factory. (taken)


Player Picks:

Matt-Billy ressurected with access to max hardcore

Dan-access to fist of suns wizard class

Dan-access to benefactor0 class

Stacey-access to Summon DL mini class

Rian-temporary leave access from funny farm

Mike-access to Exponential Rogue class


Suggested Level distribution:

Matt-Max 17+1/Billie 8+1

Dan- FoS Mage 26+1/DanV 8+1

Mike- MikeT 17+1/ExpBksb 9+1

Rian- Dest 36/Rian 10+1




all stat dmg



1 (Ultraplanar) Trakal the Onorous [x3]

||iAC|| 19, HD 484, istunp 206, stunR 92%; #Att 53, TH ++19, vilestat dmg 206

Actions: 1G, 11X, 11S, 11V, 3Z,

Prepared effects: 

not in any group "(x0)"

Chain Cont. - Ship in a Bottle- Cont. - True Resurrection

MultiPrismatic Sphere zone

Picks and Open Slots cannot be filled

Combat effects: 

1G: Dominate(no resist)

1X: Body and Soul infinitely planarly displaced opposite directions

1S: Attack or Random Deep Status Effect