Alabaster is planning to collaborate with a Shadowlich to lead an assault against the Forgotten Realms pantheon.  It’s rumored they have an army of daemons accompanying them.

The current gods in power have decided to release the imprisoned essences of the very planar layers their realms sit on to combat this menace. You will play these planar layers. In exchange for temporary freedom, these beings will snuff out Alabaster forever. They must travel to the Citadel of Steel in the Graveyard of Swords where he calls home and lay waste to the whole demiplane.

 “Collapse it. Nothing must be spared. Don’t even leave ashes!” Mystra, the leader of the council of greater powers states.

Join me now as we gather together to find out if you have what it takes, “To Kill an Amidah”.

Graveyard of Swords:

When you appear on this demiplane, all you can see for miles is a blasted battleground. Titanic dragons circle in the sky of every chromatic color. Over the ground you see littered campsites of very feral daemons. It looks like the very ground of this place is made of the fallen weapons of those who came before you to do battle.  A few miles away, you make out a tower that climbs high into the sky like an obsidian plateau beckoning all who dare approach. At the base built into the four sides of the citadel like a compass are titanic constructs of metal clad head to toe in multilayered armor. A visor obscures the faces.  Between the west and south sides of the citadel is a balcony near the top. On it there is a throne and in that thrown sits a demure pale skinned humanoid that looks like he is staring a hole through your soul.


When the Pc’s engage the enemy, a few things happen.  First the orichalcum golems animate and break away from the citadel. Out of their helmets fly the cogents who expand to their full size. The dragons swarm to the Pc’s.  The army flies into the air to combat the Pc’s. Alabaster views it all from afar using his wish abilities to counter any pc’s who try to fight him directly. Within his realm there is no teleportation-like travel possible. His whole plane is considered unhallowed ground. The army may fly at will.